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HOW TO Make A Slip Knot

HOW TO Make A Slip Knot

The start of everything with both Knitting and Crochet is learning how to make a SLIP KNOT.

The slip knot is how you start off nearly all projects or items.  It is a simple classic knot which will become the first stitch on your project.. it is also just a handy knot!

  1. Take the end of your yarn ball and form a loop with the TAIL end (cut end) in front.

  2. Take the tail end from the front and create a second loop behind the one in your left hand

  3. Bring this second loop through the one in your left hand. 

  4. Thread this new second loop onto your knitting needle (or crochet hook)

    Pull lightly on both ends of the yarn to pull it tight (but not too tight).  It is a workable loop which can be adjusted and this is your first stitch..  you are now ready to cast on!

VIDEO TUTORIAL ON OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL - and also at the end of the page 

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