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HOW TO Make a Tissue Paper Pom Pom

HOW TO Make a Tissue Paper Pom Pom

A quick TUTORIAL on how to make a Tissue Paper Pom Pom with Crafteratti

You can see more on our You Tube Channel CRAFTERATTI > CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

Tissue paper pom poms are now a key decorative item at celebrations and events..   Our studio was the first to revive this old craft in up to 70 colours of luxury tissue where they featured at events like the Queens Jubilee (2012) and even on movies. Even though we no longer create paper decorations (as we focussed on textiles) .. we can share some of our old techniques and videos

We use 8 Sheets of tissue for smaller poms and 10 for bigger ones.  A standard sheet is 50 x 70 cm so will make a 50cm pom in diameter when "frou frou'd"


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