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Press: Jacqui P Profile and Retro Caravan Design

Cross Stitcher 256 sees the first design for the magazine being published after a years absence busy doing my book... and it will be the first of 5 projects over the next five issues. 

The theme was Holiday Stitching - so inspired by our own retro caravan, Victor, I created a retro design. The minty pastel shades mixed with coral pink are what we have planned for the interior and in addition Charlie and the lovely team there have taken the time to create a whole feature on me - updating all on my crafty adventures... as well as asking me a little bit more about my crafty life and inspirations. 

In total there are 10 pages of coverage - so I felt a little humbled that they dedicated so much space to me and my crafty endeavours!

As usual my trend column was also included with the theme of CHEVRONS. Next month is an exclusive exert and pattern from my book SUPERSIZE STITCHES Happy Stitching!  JP x

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