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Crafts: A love of Loombands


Back in February my daughters friend bought her a ‘friendship bracelet kit’ …  at the time I didnt give it much thought ..  just another kids friendship bracelet kit.  Then she made me a fabulous neon pink striped bracelet and I gave it a better look.

Since then Loombands have become not just an obsession in our household, but in many others too.  I have literally been obsessed stretching rubber bands onto a grid and seeing what happens when they are hooked off…  sometimes it works, sometimes it unravels.  Like all really cool crafts – it is simple in concept .. with a very broad appearl my 5 year old is able to create simple but effective pieces and those more adventurous and older folk use them to make all sorts of products..  even clothing.

I am off to play and am thinking about posting a few of my ideas on our You Tube Channel…  watch this space

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