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ADVENTURES: Notes from Hay


The last week of May is always the now internationally renowned Hay Festival – in Hay-On-Wye on the Welsh borders.  We love the town and often visit out of season, spending hours with the kids browsing the many book shops – in particular BOOTHS, probably the most well known, and certainly the biggest.  Filled to the rafters with vintage and new books, it is a place to sit cross legged on the floor and lose yourself for hours reading about whatever takes your fancy.  It is the one shop in the world where my children dont drive me crazy!

This year they had a veritable feast of celebs and authors, from Benedict Cumberbatch to Bear Grylls and Stephen Fry.  From business inspirations to a day in the life of a fly – the single field (it is not big) packs a punch of fabulous things to listen to and interact with.

We have booked next year again already…  I recommend you do the same

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