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Life: Summer Holiday Juggling


Every working mum will I am sure relate to the juggling involved in the long Summer Holidays when the kids are off school … and trying to fit it in with work and keeping the money coming in!  This Summer our kids term ended on the 6th July and we had 2 months to fill (and not endless money!)…  so I have chosen this year (mainly due to the deliciously kind weather and lack of funds for a big holiday) to make more time to just hang out with my kids.

I get up early and cram a working day in from 6am until lunch and after that I am all theirs….  den building, swimming in the sea, walks, tea parties for teddy bears, baking, crafting, drawing, cycling, decorating their rooms, building a book nook, gardening, having a disco, experimenting with venus fly traps…  and yes I dragged them along to 3 events I was styling and they made me proud as they fluffed poms and hung tassels like a pro!

…and so that is my excuse for not blogging so much.  Something had to give, and it was very much a conscious choice and the business in part has suffered without my foot on the perma pedal!  But from a personal perspective, all these moments are much more valuable to me.

#simplepleasures #hangingoutwithmykids

Enjoy the sun while it shines …  lord only knows that Christmas lunacy is looming soon enough!  Then I will be blasting you with updates…  x


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