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Creative: A Styled Shoot with Giant Blooms


I love my creative collaborations with Lisa Devlin..  as I sit in my office surrounded by paperwork, it is sometimes hard to lift yourself out of the day to day and get the old creative juices flowing.  So Lisa calls me and says.. “I was thinking about…”  and gives me a few words to translate into something to photograph.  Whilst I love the ‘day job’ which obviously pays the mortgage etc…  I have realised just how important it is to test your own boundaries and creatively play (not for commercial value) …  just for the hell of it.  The belly laughs and collaborative results to me, make it all worth while and I always come back with fresh eyes to our business.

These pictures are part of a creative photographers shoot we styled this month.  Featuring Sophie (aka Crown and Glory) resting in Giant Bloom and Pom splendor – clutching what became an overtly blowsy crepe paper rose.. which brings me to the other bonus, I get to meet and spend time with, some great creative folks.

I am now off to make some 3 meter roses for someone else… now there’s a challenge!

Image courtesy of Lisa Devlin

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