Celebrations: 50 Shades of Grey

50shadesgrey5Pearl and Earl is all about Living a Colourful Life.  We like colour, well I am a little obsessed with playing with colour…  but our obsession is not simply limited to rainbow tones!  Grey is one of my favourite colours. and one of the most versatile, it can be ‘dressed up or down’ depending on what you mix it with.  Personally I love it best when teamed with hot pinks or neons ..  but a more subtle approach is to use the greys interspersed with pinks, for a modern vintage look (?)

But perhaps the biggest influence in styling trends at this moment in time is the onslaught of metallics ..  due in part to the visual splendor of the Great Gatsby.  Grey decorations mixed in make a little metallic goes a long way – and perhaps a little less overtly bling!

Oh and if you thought this was an S&M look based on the best selling book – then sorry to disappoint!  But you can always mix your greys with red room and throw in a few of our feathered masks for good measure.! ..  anything goes x



Feathermask2 horns-black bloom-grey.wrap

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