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Celebrations: Blooming Lovely Supersize Chair Backs

Bloom-giantchair4Our Handmade Paper Bling collection and bespoke work has been in great demand over the past few weeks… and most of my time over the Easter holidays with the children has been making bespoke pieces for clients .. #mothersguilt

For one customer we recently made a lot of GIANT PEONY PINK blooms as chair backs for their event (as demonstrated in our dining room) .. and my daughter was placated with getting the ‘rejects’ to fill her room / overtly girly flowery boudoir with!

We are not big fans of ‘chair bows’ and think these make a great alternative for pews and chairs at your wedding or party.  At 50cm diameter, they are so big,  you don’t even need to put one on every single chair…

We have also pulled together a BULK PACK and you can always ask us if you need a custom colour


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