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Weekend Mix Tape: Nashville.. Change Your Mind


My mum is a big country fan.. and I was bought up going to see such legends as Willy Nelson, Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette… and at the age of 21 I whisked myself off to Nashville to bask in ‘Music City’ on an youthful adventure I will tell you about another time…

So I have loved watching the new ABC series (on More 4) Nashville .. based on the town and focusing on 2 country singers – old and new school – the later played by Hayden Paniterre of Heroes fame (who knew she could sing!).  But in the midst of the main stars are 2 characters.. fledgling star crossed lovers and songwriters – Scarlet and Gunner, who I love…

This song aired last week and it is absolutely my favourite so far.  Maybe I can entice you to the country side of the tracks?


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