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Adventures: A Snowy Interlude


You may have heard on the news but Sussex had a bit of a Snowy interlude over the past 24 hours!  Not normal for this end of the country and certainly not at this time of year, so it took everyone a little by surprise, including it seems the gritters!

Whilst it all looked very pretty – our kids go to school a mile over the downs and yesterday afternoon it took us over 5 hours to do the school run, and at one point we were going to abandon our car like all the vans and trucks around us… thankfully we made it home.  Its an adventure I am not keen to repeat, although the kids love a good ‘snow day’…

Almost all the roads around us are closed and cars are in ditches everywhere (no grit and quick snow – it fell within an hour) but the sun is out so hopefully we will be reconnected to the rest of the country by tomorrow ..

hope you are all safe and warm x

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