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Recipe: Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

633be80b94428290b62fd6f74bfba9cbAs per my earlier Celebration post..  this morning, as our family tradition, we made pancakes for breakfast (hence the rather dark looking picture this grim February morn)..  delicious and a family fave, there are so many different ways to cook a pancake – some say leave the batter, some say add an egg at the last minute…  but regulars will know I am not a lass with patience as a virtue – so this quick family heritage (strictly copyrighted) recipe whips up a pancake treat for four .. 

Dora’s British Pancakes for Pancake Day

This is my grandma Dora’s recipe for simple pancakes, which has stood the test of time.  She always went on look of the mix (same as her yorkshires) and was not one for measuring!  It is a habit I have taken to – so last time I made them I measured everything!


  • 100g / 4oz Plain Flour
  • Pinch of salt (I often leave this out)
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 200ml / 7floz Milk
  • 75ml / 3floz Water (NOTE: you can use all milk if you want something a little creamier)
  • Rapeseed oil (or veg oil) for cooking


  • Heavy bottomed frying pan – 12inch
  • Ladle
  • Spatular
  • Whisk

Makes about 10-12 pancakes depending on your pan size, and often we make a double batch to ensure everyone has their fill!

  1. Measure out your flour (and salt) into a bowl (I don’t bother to sieve but others do)
  2. Measure your liquids into a jug for ease of pouring
  3. Put your pan on the heat – to get it going – it has to be HOT to avoid sticking
  4. Make a well in the center and crack in your eggs
  5. Add a dribble of the liquid and start to ‘whisk’ from the middle gradually adding liquid and combining the flour from the side of the well.  This slow adding process making a paste consistency first is what stops lumps!
  6. When you have a lump free paste loose creamy based concoction – add in the rest of your liquid slowly so that you have a mix the texture of single cream
  7. Whisk up, ensuring you have all the bits from the side and a smooth mix
  8. Your pan should be piping hot by now – and if you are not a multi-tasker you can wait to heat up your pan at this point when you attention is full on the heat!
  9. Add a dribble of the oil and you can always use a bit of kitchen towel to ensure the pan is fully covered, especially for the first pancake.
  10. For my 12 inch pan 1 ladle full is a pancakes worth of mix
  11. Drop in the center of your oiled hot pan and tip it round to cover the base of the pan.  It should not be ‘thick’
  12. Use your spatula to lift from the edges after a minute and you can flip with the spatula or up in the air if you are feeling brave!
  13. Cook on the other side for a minute or so.  Your pancake should be a light golden colour
  14. Top with whatever takes your fancy!…. we love lemon and sugar, tate and lyle syrup, honey, maple syrup and banana (my choice) or just sugar…

Are you a roller or do you like them flat?

Whats your topping? (no savoury ones in our house I’m afraid!)

Enjoy!  …  x

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