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Celebrations: Mardi Gras and Pancakes…

wimbledonMardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in French) and Shrove Tuesday are one in the same…  a Carnival Celebration before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  Some cultures dress up, go wild and fill their boots with food and frivolity before the fast ahead.  Us Brits?  Well we make pancakes!

Whilst I love a pancake as much as the next man, sometimes I feel like we drew the short straw on this celebration.

New Orleans (a city with an obvious French heritage) is perhaps the most famous of Mardi Gras – with colours of Purple Green and Gold and beads galore being handed out in the streets… as everyone shakes their booty, indulges and parties!

So if you fancy an excess / any excuse for a party (after Chinese New Year at the weekend)…  continue the gold, add a bit of purple and green….turn up the tunes and Carnival….

Failing that you can join us in heating up the frying pan, grabbing a few lemons, flour, eggs, milk and sugar – and toss up a storm.! (see our pancake recipe if in this group!)

Whichever way you celebrate – as always “Have a Good Do!”Metallic_Wall__53493_zoom


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