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Geek Chic: Christmas LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today I ordered my son this Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar.  I am not a fan of the chocolate variety and cannot find ‘just picture’ ones like I used to have as a child – but last year we discovered these and it was brilliant building a new piece of lego over breakfast every day .. culminating with a Yoda Santa on Christmas Eve!

A new one is launched every year and they are Geek Chic collectables, that if unopened change hands for over double face value, but we think they are far to fab to ‘keep in a box’!

Something more Christmassy?  Well the Playmobile Post Office advent is brilliant and my daughter still plays with hers a year later!.. so this year I have bought her the Winter Wonderland..   but keep it to yourself as they are still a secret!

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