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Celebrations: Big Bang its Bonfire Night

I don’t know about you.. but November for us thus far has been really BUSY!  Where did October go?  Christmas seems just round the corner, and the demand for our decorations is keeping everyone on their toes!

Despite all this, we still found time to attend a Bonfire night this weekend at the childrens school, as Fireworks Night is one of my favourite celebrations.  The one they organise is a lovely traditional affair, which includes a ‘Guy” competition and lots of old school games in the barn to keep the kids entertained (and filled with sugar), before the procession up the hill to ‘chuck’ the Guys on the bonfire and watch the fireworks whilst we munched on hot dogs and slugged mulled wine (my first of what will surely be many this season!).  Its very civalised in comparison to some big public displays we have been too – and the kids loved it!

I also managed to squeeze in a batch of my Grandma Doras Bonfire Toffee this weekend, first shared with you a few years ago, and I will republish it again later.

To further celebrate we have a BIG BANG promotion for today – with 20% off everything Pearl and Earl with code BIGBANG.  So why not get organised for Christmas and save yourself some pennies (for the Guy) aswell.

Whatever you are doing – enjoy!

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