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Cross Stitcher 257: The Wooly Stitch One

Cross Stitcher 257 landed on my desk this weekend..  and my trend column this month is all about Wooly Stitches.  Whilst cross stitch and needlepoint crafts are as old as the hills, traditional tapestry and crewel threads getting make overs by chic stitchers all over the place.  There are lots of new books like Jane Brockett’s Gentle Art of Stitching and of course my Supersize Stitches.  I also noticed Cath Kidston has reprinted her paperback STITCH book with the wooly stitched tapestry on the cover, instead of her more traditional looking cotton cross stitch.  Then there are all the contemporary needlepoint kits out there like those from Felicity Hall (who did a fab Scandi Horse in this issue) and a new collaboration by American Anna Maria Horner and Coats.  All exciting stuff for those of us who prefer a wooly stitch, and its good to see lots of cross stitch lovers moving to try the wooly side of the fence.

So for my design project in this issue – I have released the next in my set of ‘cross over stitch crafts’ – after the success of my ‘Crochet Look’ cross stitch Granny Square, I have created an extended collection of Crochet and Knit look patterns.  Including this ‘Knitted’ Stitched Stocking in the mag.

Jacqui P (my stitching label) is having a bit of a make over in the next few weeks, and all the new kits / patterns will be available on Pearl and Earl as well as the Jacqui P site.  We needed to have a revamp after feedback from customers, and also problems we have been having with components.  It is taking a lot of time behind the scenes, but think it will be worth it in the end.  It is just taking a lot longer to complete than anticipated.

Happy Stitching x

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