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The Marmarati: Photography Challenge

As you may know, I have been given the honourable task of judging the Crafty entries for the latest Marmite campaign…  THE MARMARATI.

One of the other challenges is Photography, which is being judged by the super talented NATHAN PASK… and I am loving his “show em how its done” picture

Apparently he sat in the bath and poured Marmite on his head… “I sat in a bathtub and poured Marmite upon myself for hours before even beginning to compose the shot. I felt that to become one with my subject I had to fuse body, jar and soul. It’s not a method I’d recommend but I pushed myself to ensure the Marmarati need not endure such trials. Let’s just say I’ll be keeping it for smearing on crumpets for the forseeable future…”.

…now thats love!

You can see my judge entry here…  or why not have a go yourself?

ENTER Challenge 1: Photography | The Marmarati.

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