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Marmite Loves Jacqui P

I am thrilled to announce my latest project – to be the resident CRAFT JUDGE for the Marmarati

Who are they?  I hear you cry… Well the illustrious Marmarati are an esteemed collective of the most dedicated Marmite lovers.  Entry into their society involves proving yourself worthy of the title by passing a challenge, and the results are judged by specialist Marmarati’s  (of which I am now one).

Marmite is a British Institution which induces a love/hate relationship depending on your palette… and its following is immense.  We at Pearl and Earl are lovers of its iconic toast enhancing status – and I was honoured to be bestowed with the title of JUDGE OF THE CRAFTS CHALLENGE for the Marmarati.

My task?  to choose those worthy of entry into this most elite of societies… you can read more about it on the dedicated website – or follow the Marmite facebook page which is being hijacked by the Marmarati during their recruitment campaign in June 2012!

My partner on the judging bench is the delectable food creative and curator Miss Cakehead (seen below surrounded by our paper decorations) who recruited me on board – but first I had to come up with my own crafty challenge… in true Supersize Stitch style, I created an larger than life version of the Marmarati XO jar, complete with a gold JACQUI P embroidered back, as a nod to my craft site where all of my stitchery can be found!

We are negotiating with the Marmarati as to whether we can share our own secret Marmite Chart recipe… but until then you can find a collection of Black and Gold style decorations to celebrate this most delectable spread.. including our giant X O balloons!.. or why not bake, make, or DIY your own craft in Marmite style for entry.

Hope you are a lover xo


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