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Jubilee Bake Off

This weekend we had 2 street parties and one of them had a JUBILEE BAKE OFF .. as you may know I love a baking challenge.. and the children were in full on competitive spirit.

So we put our heads together – and decided on a red, white and blue sponge layered cake..  with a sparkling union jack and sugar fondant crown on top! (with little ones to match in our new baking cups)

We dyed the sponge with natural food dye – and it came out more turquoise than royal blue (very Pearl and Earl!) ..  but were very pleased with the results

But it was not until we turned up at the blind judging table, that we realised just how competitive the local bakers were – with WI and unbeaten reputations at stake! There were over 30 entries.

First round was on looks – and we got through to the final… when it was down to a blind tasting with the judges…  and we won!  So with a set of fabulous Emma Bridgewater Cake tins as our prize, we went home happy..

but the gloves are apparently off with the local ladies for a rematch for the festival … what have I let myself in for!

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