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Olympic Inspired Cross Stitch

As part of my alternative stitching for the London 2012 games ..  I am thrilled to launch Number 2 in the series (following the London Underground Cross Stitch)  … My “Sporty Stitching”

It was the hardest to do – not technically, but because I had to be really careful that the project does not breach any of the super heavy logo copyrights that the Olympics have in place….

You are not allowed to put London, Olympics and 2012 in the same sentence – or any derivative of them…(Olympix for example) .. you cannot use Olympics, you cannot use the classic 5 rings placed together (even if they are made up of flowers or something random) and you cant use the logo or the mascots specifically from the London Olympics (not that I would want to as they are not my cup of tea)… PHEW!

My favourite Olympic logos are from the 1972 Olympics in Munich, by a designer Otl Aicher (who was bizarrely killed by a lawn mower but thats another story) …  and his posters and classic logos are now graphic legend.

His fanned circle and clear linear sporting logos are now entrenched in our cultural memory..  and definately are part of mine…

So where to start..

Well my design is an homage to his work but using my RAY design as a background, key 5 colours from my palette which are similar to the 5 continent Olympic colours (plus pink for good measure as a nod to Londons logo)…  with my own version of sporty logo peeps…

The eagle eyed amongst you will note that Cricket is not an Olympic sport!  But it is quintessentially English, being pushed for the next games in 20:20 format… and I also heard it is part of the Opening Ceremony this year ..

Hope you like it … I am stitching it as I speak and it will launch on the site for the Jubilee weekend

Happy Stitching jpx

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