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Pinterest and the Crochet Mermaid

PInterest is one of my new obsessions.. and yes I know I am late to the table, but there is a good reason for this….  I knew that when I joined, I would be sucked up into a world of pretty pictures for hours upon end!

.. well I was right!  But a new work project meant that due to ‘joint pin boards’ I had to sign up for this sweet shop of prettiness…  and on the front page was this madly gorgeous – or too much?  Mermaid crochet pattern for babies…  in a Products I Love / mermaid.

Sadly the pinterest gal did not fully credit the source *tut* and so I had a little look on Etsy and came up with this pattern …  too much on a new born in my eyes – but for a tot delightful – if a little ‘legs tied up’..

hey ho – sacrificing for craft and all that


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