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Making Cake Pops

As promised here are the basic premise of how to make cake pops.. now the Americans love to use cake mixes and ready made frostings in a lot of their books on cupcakes and pops.  I have used my own cakes and buttercreams – and Ange (aka BAKERELLA) does these in her CAKE POP book too.. but for the first attempt I used Betty Crocker Devils Food cake and a Betty Crocker vanilla Icing

You will need:
Betty Crocker Box of Devils Food Cake (9x13inch tin)
Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting Tub (3/4 exactly)
I Bag of Coloured candy coating drops (>>BUY HERE)
48 lolly sticks (>>BUY HERE)
A flower oasis or polystyrene slab for drying!

Make up the cake mix and cook as instructed
Let the cake cool
Crumble in a bowl until super fine crumbs
Add in 3/4 of the frosting tub and mix
**do not add too much as the mix will be too wet
Mix well and roll into 48 balls
Put in the fridge for 2 hours
You take then take out and shape in other cutters (see my hearts) or you are ready to coat
Put the candy drops in a bowl and melt in microwave as instructed
Make sure bowl is not too wide as the deeper the dip the better!
Dip in the lolly stick and then put in a ball
Dip the whole ball in the coating **not real chocolate does not melt or coat as easily as the candy coatings and they taste delicious!
Put the stick in the oasis to allow to set ** you will see that I did not have an oasis so put holes in a box.. it worked but was not the easiest solution!

Ta da… simple cake pops.   We also made some from our own cake recipes – and they were just as good but a bit harder to get the consistency right. Some ended up too moist so we couldnt have them on sticks :(

As a lot of the cake ingredients and decorating bits are not available in super markets – we have pulled them together in a special section of our MIX TAPE store.  Let us know how you get on.  Prizes for our favourites on our facebook page.

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