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My Bobbly Chair

 **Blogger has been a mare this week – and deleted this previous post along with a couple of others – so I am relisting them.

 Last weekend I decided to reupholster one of our old kitchen chairs.. now I am by no means an expert when it comes to this!  But I am happy to play!  But this is now my 6th chair so after Mr H had used a bit of brute force to take off the old school fabric, I used the old fabric as a template and cut out some new bits.
Using fabric tacks I tacked the DECKCHAIR STRIPED FABRIC from Granny Knits in place, and with a glue gun added a bit of our signature BRIGHT BOBBLE TRIM to the edges and the back.
I loved it so much that it is no longer in the kitchen, but now has pride of place in our hallway.
This the upholstery book I have always used for reference..
No chair / stool is now safe in our house, they are all up for an extremely colourful makeover!

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