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How to make a Union Jack Badge

 These are instructions about how to make up a badge from our Mini Union Jack Project on our web site…
First stitch up the project on 7 count tapestry using a single strand of Tapestry Yarn (4 ply) in the colours of your choice, in counted cross stitch.  We then added 2 further outline rows of single colour stitching – for an old school look… then follow the pics as shown.

**note all photography, instructions, charts and ideas are tightly copyrighted to Granny Knits and cannot be copied, printed or distributed in any way.

cut round the edge of the design leaving 1 cm gap around the edge

fold in the corners toward the back – pressing with an iron if you like

corners folded in (back/wrong side view)

Then fold all the sides to the back – being careful to roll in the edges so you see no canvas.

Press flat with an iron. Here is the main part of the badge.

Place on a piece of felt and cut round to size

Pin the front to the back

Using slip stitch and 2 strands of stranded cotton, sew round the edge

Add a little embellishment or simple a pin … and voila!
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