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Butterflies new home

 Our wonderful local framer has been so busy of late, working round the clock turning out all our Valentines goods for Pearl and Earl (as well as his other clients like Paul Smith).
So my tapestries and personal bits have been at the back of the queue for a while…  that is until today!
I was thrilled with the results as usual..  my personal preference of late has been to use oversized gilt and embellished framing (the opposite of the pared down frames we use at Pearl and Earl).  I love the statement of colour and pzazz!.. the vibrancy of the wool stitches butterflies looks fantastic and whilst it was meant to be for above our bed.. I could not resist it being on show in our Drawing Room.

The 12 Butterflies wool kit is available to buy at Granny Knits ..  and it has quickly become my current favourite! …  and just as a note “Yes we do offer a framing service”

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