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embroidered sainsburys basics napkins

January is a penny pinching month at the best of times – let alone in the depths of a recession!  I have read lots of comments and had lots of emails of late about ‘thrifty crafting’ from lots of lovely folk.
Whilst it is our job to tempt you with all our new designs and wares, we are also mindful of the climate and thought we would take the time to share a few of our recent thrifty finds.
First up – cross stitch and embroidery bases.  Evenweave cotton is expensive, especially the top quality zweigart that we sell on our site.   This is because they work hard on an ‘even weave’ with limited lint and reject ‘blobbing’ of yarns. 
However for Christmas I was in my local Sainsburys when I spotted their latest BASICS napkin and table cloth collection – at £4 for 4 napkins and £6 for a 100% cotton tablecloth it is a ready made perfect base for both our FREE PROJECTS, or some of the Cross Stitcher patterns I have been doing in the magazine.  It is the perfect look alike for 28 weave canvas which for cross stitch I stitch over 2 threads, making it the equivalent of 14 count.  I used the napkins for quick embroidered Christmas pressies – and am in the midst of stitching up the table cloth with some of my new 70’s flower designs.
As for stranded cotton – well I am one for car boots and antique markets.  There are LOTS of dealers now who have lots of threads (which are from a variety of makers but stranded cotton is stranded cotton).  These are from as little as 10p each – and I bought a full basket of mixed twisted yarns last week for £5!
The colours can be readily matched up to those in magazine patterns, or you can create your own version with what you have….
The same can be said of vintage buttons and threads which I always buy in bulk when I see them… and at the last antique fair I went to I happened upon someone who had cleared out an old military factory – and bought up a LOT of gold embroidery threads and the most amazing silver ric rac and braid…
The price? £10.
If you have any thrifty crafting suggestions – why not let us know and I will continue on a weekly strain with some more tips as I pick them up.
Happy Thrifty Stitching!  j x

buy vintage buttons in bulk for decoration
vintage threads from 10p

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