Retro Hot Ones!

Been a bit slack on the blogging front of late – simply because we have been overwhelmed with deliveries from both Pearl and Earl and Granny Knits…. 
On top of all that we still need to make sure that come Spring we have lots of lovely new things to tempt you, and I am working on some really lovely editorial projects… so the days have been long working late into the night!
The 50’s and 70’s are both hot trend topics for next year..  both favourite eras of mine, from a kitsch, humourous and colour and pattern point of view for starters!  So when Cross Stitcher asked me to work on some ideas for their April Mag – I came up with a super cheeky 50’s housewife which will be quick to stitch with highlighted key 50’s colours of red, pistacio, and sky blue… 
Then I have been working on some colourful cutlery for a while…  as I want a large bench cushion for our kitchen!  These will be available as monster cushion patterns on our site… stitched in my signature rainbow pallette or 2 versions (including ones in frames) will be included in the April Cross Stitcher.  Issue available from 1st March.

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