Embroidered Buttons & Free Projects

We have been working on some new project ideas for Granny Knits..  as mentioned in one of our old blogs.  Lots of people have got in touch asking to see the results and see if we are selling any of the patterns…

Well not all finished yet – but I am thrilled with the test subjects so far – and we have come up with a free 22mm button cross stitch project and 15mm embroidered patterns for our FREE PROJECTS section on the website.

We are planning to add lots of new things to this section of our site going forward..  and would really appreciate your feedback on these things, using it and the kind of stuff you would like to see going forward…

Happy Stitching

Some finished pieces
Sketching out with a water soluble marker
working on the cross stitch design
pop a safety pin on the back to make a quick badge

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