Cross stitching just got racy READER BEWARE

Ma Magasins boobs

READ ON – but beware some may find this a little too risque.

Today on twitter, my good friend Jane @snapdragon tweeted about her asking a customer about a bottom badge, rather than a button badge…  which made me chuckle.. and then think about some recent racy Etsy finds… 

Take Ma Magasin‘s  Etsy shop featured on AMITYs UK blog this week..  she cross stitched boobs onto sieves as part of her fine art degree.  The collection then went on tour with the Embroiders Guild and now has landed back in her Etsy store for your viewing pleasure – alongside her super cutesy bird bobby pins and badges.

Also Spamberly has a lovely pair for sale – amoung her other HOME SWEET HOME more traditional cross stitch patterns..

POP SOUP SUPPLIES has some things that are a little un PC – (I cross stitch so I dont kill people?) but we love the new CROSS STITCH IS THE NEW BLACK

…and as for CROTCH STITCH, well the faint hearted or easily offended amoung you may not want to click on that link!  Or perhaps curiosity will just get the better of you

So Jane in conclusion that I think that you may well be onto something! (although perhaps not quite on brand).  Cross stitching just went guerilla!  Beware….

PS – be assured Granny Knits is still colourful but only in a colour kind of way

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