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Stitch Club Volume 1 Book

"first rule of stitch club... TELL EVERYONE ABOUT STITCH CLUB"

Stitch Club Volume 1

"First Rule of Stitch Club ... Tell Everyone About Stitch Club!"

The Crafteratti Stitch Club has been such a great success over the past 2 years, with us shipping boxes as far afield as Australia and Malaysia on a monthly basis. 

This Autumn sees the release of Stitch Club Volume 1 - a collection of some of the favourite limited edition Crafteratti Designs, as well as over 10 new designs

Volume 2 is also in the pipeline as well as a new take on the Crafteratti Stitch Club Box.  If you would like to sign up for some exclusive preview offers then you can simply fill in the box 

The Blurb...

" The Crafteratti is the crafting alter ego of award winning designer Jacqui Pearce.  A pioneer of the crafting revolution, in 2015 she started a Stitch Club, where she designed and sent out a monthly themed stitching fix to her regular customers and fans of her bold, colourful cross stitching style. 

Volume 1 is the first in a series of titles inspired by this wool on canvas, quick stitch style.  It is a collection of some of the favourite patterns from the Crafteratti limited edition boxes,  with extra Stash Buster quick stitches, alphabets and new projects.

If you are a fan of Cross Stitch and crafts and love pattern and colourful modern quick projects, then this is the perfect book for you.  An introduction to Jacqui’s Supersize Style with a comprehensive stitching school section and ideas to make the projects your own as well as methods for finishing your work.

We hope you love Stitch Club Volume 1 and leave this book keen to join our club and spread the Crafteratti crafting joy..."

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