Fifty Shades of Stitching

Jacqui's 4th cross stitch book is launching in late Autumn 2017.  Fifty Shades of Stitching, is a collection of modern cross stitch designs in monochrome and shades of Grey and a crafting parody to the modern fiction phenomenon.

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A Personal Introduction from Jacqui...

" Hello, let me introduce you to Fifty Shades of Stitching..  if you were delving into this book in the hope of a glimpse of blatent erotica in stitch form, then please gently close the book and place it back on the shelf as you may be a little disappointed.  
For this book, I have strayed from my normally vibrant colour palette and worked more along the lines of the ancient cross stitch technique of Blackwork.  To show that there are indeed 50 shades of grey and that monochromatic stitching and grey scale can fit easily into the modern stitchers home, with a little witticism and British innuendo thrown in for good measure. 
There are a few nods and themes in reverence to Mr Grey’s story, but on the whole the projects should not (I hope) disappoint my regular customers with more vanilla tastes. 
There is no doubt that stitching can deliver hours of prolonged pleasure for the participant;  without the need for too many contraptions and certainly not a dedicated room!   
So make yourself comfortable, perhaps grab a cup or glass of something you fancy and let me take you on a journey into the shadier side of stitching.  With of course the odd dash of red thrown in for good measure; much like the Elizabethans who loved this decadent form of stitch. 
The projects are quick and painless so no safe words should be necessary...
Enjoy your journey to the dark side 
Jacqui "


The book contains over 25 projects in her supersize quick stitch technique.  

  • Jacqui will sign and personalise your book with your own message / name
  • Paperback 
  • 128 pages
  • English Language Version - UK Edition
  • Release Late Autumn 2017