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My Grandma Dora had her walls filled with needlepoint which was framed, and my mum likes to do this too.  I on the other hand prefer to make up cushions or on an ambitious day upholster a chair seat or ottoman - even mini foot stools look fantastic with this technique.

Our cushions tend to be in generous sizes from the standard 40x40 cm to the long 30x50 cm or large super comfy 50x50 cm.  All of these can have standard fillers - which we can supply if needed.  We always opt for a super stuffed look and our cushion fillers are made by a fabulous British maker known for their workmanship.

The back of your cushion can be made several ways  with zippers, buttons, ties etc  Or you can opt to simply slip stitch closed!  Backing fabrics should be of a similar weight to work the best, and have a tight weave - you could opt for a wool or heavy cotton canvas - the choice is yours. 

Simple Envelope Cushion:

  • Trim your work leaving a border af approx 2.5 cm / 1inch border. 
  • Cut the backing fabric to the same size allowing an over lap the fabrics by 10cm (so width plus 20cm then cut in half)
  • Press back and stitch the edges of the opening edges to make neat hems. 
  • Place the right sides down against the right side of the tapestry - overlaping as shown
  • Place the 2 'right' sides together and sew the pieces together on a machine or with a tight hand stitch - with the edge of your tapestry as a guide.
    • Trim the corners diagonally so that they do not leave a bulky lump when turned the right way round.  But not too close to the stitched edge.
    • Turn the right way out pushing into the corners gently. 
    • Press Flat
    • Push in the pad - and you have your cushion!

    **BOBBLE: or if you want to add bobble trim to the edges - simply sew the 2 edges top and bottom leaving the openings where the bobble wants to be.  Make sure this is not the edges where you have your envelope cross over as it will make it trickier to sew


    Tuck the raw edges in, pin and Slipstitch closed with small invisible stitches. **note if you have an envelope back - you do not need to fill it at this point.  If you have a solid back, then sew one end and then stuff it and pin and sew the last edge.

    There you have it - your own handcrafted heirloom and piece of crafty chic!